16-Year-Old Chef Says Moto Stage Better Than Working at Le Bernardin, Eleven Madison Park

Is there anything we love more than precocious young babychefs? We can think of a few things in a few cases. But on the whole, these young whippersnappers say the darndest things, and we just can’t help but “b’aww” over their sweet cheeks and naïveté.

See: 16-year-old Boulder, CO native Aaron Kirschner, who, after stints in the kitchens at Le Bernardin and Eleven Madison Park, opted out of another summer in New York to stage at Homaru Cantu’s MOTO in Chicago under Top Chef: Texas alum Richie Farina.

Says dear, young Aaron of his summer gig: “I wanted to come here…I learned more in two weeks than all the time I spent at 3-star Michelin restaurants. When I do my stage I want to coming away learning something. I want transformation.”

Somebody’s ready for his own Bravo merch line…

[Huffington Post]

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  • Kevo

    I’m having a hard time figuring out whether this article is entirely facetious or the author is just jealous as all hell. This kid probably has more chef skills at 16 than anyone who writes for this hack website (which I am beginning to notice is basically two steps lower than the Buzzfeed in terms of the originality of its content.) The kid has already pulled two gigs at very high end restaurants learning traditional techniques, why not move on to something more challenging like molecular gastronomy? I would (and probably most other cooks would) kill for the opportunity to learn Cantu’s techniques of “culinary terrorism.”

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