WATCH: Alice Waters Lands On TIME 100 Most Influential List

Wanna hear Alice Waters say “pedagogy” in her soothing, warbly tones while gazing in awe at her beautiful edible schoolyards? Good news! She landed on TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential List (you know, the edition with Beyonce on the cover), and they put together this glorious video documenting her many achievements re: taking down the fast food man. Congratulations to the Beyonce of Lady Chefs!

You can check out her video below, and read her blurb from TIME, penned by Ruth Reichl, here.


  • tctw

    As soon as you hear a person use the word pedagogy be ready for that person to tell you how they know what is better for your life than you.

    Taking down fast food? Really? Annual revenues for the fast food industry have risen by 20% since 2001. On this one day more than 65 million people around the world will have a meal in a McDonalds. She has really made a difference.

    But then again, Alice Waters is trying to cut into fast food revenues one $200 healthy meal at a time at Chez Panisse.

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