Alton Brown Annouces He Won’t Produce Food Network Star Winner Justin Warner’s Show

If we didn’t have every ounce of faith in Justin Warner’s mad hustling skills, we’d be worried. Alton Brown announced via Super Official Press Conference Twitter Post-It that he “regrettably” won’t be producing the Food Network Star winner’s TV series, which was part of the prize package.

Of course, the whole point of adopting the inventive new mentor format on this season of the show was that the winning contestant’s mentor would get to produce the series he or she won.

But Justin doesn’t seem too heartbroken by the split, thanking Alton for “christening the ship,” and acknowledging that it was due to “budget constraints” and because Alton “has a lot on his plate” that he was unable to collaborate.

We feel like it isn’t absolutely necessary for Alton to be around in order for Justin’s show to fill Good Eats’ void in the market, but hot damn would it have been a great way to kick off a Food Network career. We’ve got a gut feeling he’ll still edge out Triple D, though.

[Food Network Gossip]


    Mock Fieri all you wish. God knows he deserves to be. But Triple D brings tons of money to local business…usually family owned. Yes the host is a douche….but the concept and money it brings in while taking money out of say Darden or other soulless chain places. It’s right on.

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