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Andrew Carmellini Thinks Millennials Have Been Musically Shafted

Andrew Carmellini has been guest-editing Food Republic for the past week, and in his customary “10 Things I Hate” listicle, along with ripping on Food TV casting agents and restaurant copy-cats, he shares the pain of millennials who feel they have been shafted in terms of any lasting music-cultural landscape:

“I really thought that the one good thing that could have come out of the last recession would be a new great musical movement. ’70′s gave us hip-hop. ’91 gave us grunge. All 2008 gave us was escapism EDM. Don’t get me wrong, I like to party, but it’s pretty shallow.”

Actually, yeah, what the hell. You guys had Public Enemy and Nirvana. All we got was DeadMau5. We call shenanigans.

[Food Republic]

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