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Andrew Zimmern Slams Roy Choi’s Spam Endorsement On Go Fork Yourself

Image credit: Spam/LA Times

On this week’s edition of Andrew Zimmern’s podcast Go Fork Yourself, he and Molly Mogren tackled the vast and complex pizza-verse, but first, they obliged to tackle the week’s biggest food news. In this case: Roy Choi’s Spam endorsement, just a year after he announced he’d be going veg, because the animals spoke to him, or something.

Said AZ of the Spam announcement:

“Look, I get the whole, ‘I’m Asian and Spam’s popular there’ — he makes reference to that in the current press release. I’m just — he’s Korean, I believe, and Spam’s popular there; not quite what it is in Hawaii and Samoa and all those other parts of the world, but it’s right up there.

I just don’t know how a guy who stands for all of this — I’m making motions with my hands — all of this great food on one hand can… It’s cooked with preservatives in a box! Spam, you know, I just don’t get it. And I love that whole little poem that he wrote, when he saw the light meat-wise…[The endorsement]’s a pay for play.”

Zimm passed few judgments, though. Apparently, his magic number to do a McDonald’s commercial is $50 million. Well, we’d rather Andrew Zimmern make it than Beyonce.

You can check out the whole podcast here.


2 thoughts on “Andrew Zimmern Slams Roy Choi’s Spam Endorsement On Go Fork Yourself

  1. Wow, it appears Andrew Zimmern knows nothing about Korea, as Spam is WILDLY popular here. It’s considered a “luxury product,” packaged beautifully in expensive gift sets (see here: http://goo.gl/FI6sV), and used in a number of dishes.

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