WATCH: Tom Colicchio Asks Andy Cohen How He Lives With Himself

A very gruff Tom Colicchio invited a sprightly Andy Cohen as his fishing boat guest on the latest episode of Hooked Up, and we’ve gotta admit: the odd coupling works!

Andy catches an impressive 15-pound blue fish, finds au naturel solidarity with the fishing captain and first mate over their mutual lack of manscaping, and, of course, dishes on America’s Sweethearts: The Real Housewives.

In a candid interview, Tom asks Andy how he can live with himself for continuing Real Housewives amidst cast member suicides, dissolving marriages, and broken families. (Andy reveals that he stands by the show and the women, thankyouverymuch.)

Tom also felt a bit wounded that two whole chapters of Andy’s memoir Most Talkative were dedicated to his beloved H’wives, while Top Chef only got two pages. It was thanks to Top Chef, after all, that Watch What Happens Live took off. (If you remember, WWHL started out as a web series to to serve as a Top Chef aftershow long before Bravo birthed the first Real Housewives franchise.)

Check out the rest of their gab sesh below.

  • AmadeaRose

    Some people don’t care what happens (suicide, divorce, broken families) as long as they get the ratings they want. In his desire to “keep things light and fun” Andy Cohen goes out of his way to ignore what really happens to ambitious people and the families they drag into the limelight. Some may say the fame whores deserve it, but their families certainly do not.

  • KWDragon

    Agreed, AmadeaRose. I don’t watch any of those “family included” reality shows, and I can’t understand why other people do.

    Yes, maybe the drama is fun, and there is certainly more than a dash of schadenfreude thrown in, but I cannot, in good conscience, watch people exploit their own children for fame.

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