Apply for The Braiser’s Journalism Fellowship Today!

The Braiser is seeking a full-time journalism fellow to start immediately and work through Spring 2014. Applicants must be in New York City. This is a paid position.

The ideal applicant must know their Blais from their Bourdain and are passionate about the culture surrounding food. We are looking for strong, funny and intelligent writers who are as excited by the idea of working in a fast-paced, new media environment as they are by the James Beard Awards and whatever Top Chef spinoff is about to air on Bravo. This is a great opportunity for aspiring journalists hoping to enter the wide, weird and fast-growing world of food media.

To apply, submit all of the following to
– Your resume
– A writing sample (published, blog links, or something written for school)
– One paragraph about a celebrity chef you follow on Twitter and why they stand out to you

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • tctw

    If this is a position to write for the website there are some other requirements not mentioned.

    1. Female

    2. Chip on your shoulder feminist constantly searching to be aggrieved at the slightest perceived insult.

    3. Think mean spirited snark and sarcasm are comedy gold but in reality are patently unfunny.

    4. Far left of center on every topic and rabidly PC.

    5. Afflicted with with Paula Dean and Guy Fieri derangement syndrome.

    6. Willing to be an Eddie Huang drooling sycophant.

    7. Be a hack.

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