Beverly Kim Claims Top Chef: Texas Gave Her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sorry, did she think making a dish with insane restrictions in 30 minutes while Tom Colicchio barked at her was going to be healthy for her self-esteem? Poor Beverly Kim. Top Chef: Texas’ poster child for the anti-bullying movement was profiled in the Chicago Tribune for her work teaching at CUL-249, the student-run restaurant at Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts.

Expediting the tasting menu she wrote with the students is essentially Bev’s main cheffing job right now, which makes her happy, and is a perfectly respectable gig. But it probably stings just a bit for an acclaimed Top Chef alumnus to fall into that whole “those who can’t: teach” thing, no? On top of that, she admitted all the serious emotional damage her stint on Top Chef caused her. According to the Tribune:

Whether the drama was genuine or the show edited to fit a narrative, Kim said she emerged from “Top Chef” with “post-traumatic stress disorder.” Kim said she accepted this in exchange for possible career advancement, and for a while it worked: Kim was getting more diners than ever at Aria, the Fairmont Chicago hotel restaurant where she was executive chef.

Then, she took over a Michelin-starred restaurant to try and execute her own tasting menu. It closed within two months. Rough. So now, she’s teaching a brand new batch of up-and-coming wannabe cheftestants, and hopefully instilling in them the necessary emotional skills to prevent things like Sarah Grueneberg shell-shock.

[Chicago Tribute h/t Eater]

  • jh

    Interesting article but a bit biased against Kim. A lot of people don’t really understand the nature of the reality show until they participate in it. I mean – look at the stress that caused the three bitches of eastwick to engage in some incredibly petty behavior. Only one of them came out as someone I respected because she owned up to her actions. The pitiful runner-up – well – she lied about cursing a judge out. What can you say about a pathetic italian-german who was unable to cook anything but italian-german (yawning – so boring) cuisine? (I would literally look up her dish and see it listed somewhere. Top chef is for the cutting edge – not something that I can make from an online recipe from the 50s.)

    As for restaurants failing – a lot of restaurants fail. For example, my favorite cheftestant, Blais – failed. That is no indication of skill. Instead,anyone making much over this appears biased. Considering the economic climate, the type of cuisine (korean 20 course meal) – it wasn’t a good restaurant fit for a culture that loves McDonalds.
    Anyway – for future top chefs, I hope we get more diversity of cuisine. I’m so tired of seeing revisions of boring italian/french/german food. The world has far more flavorful and interesting cuisines. In fact – I propose a drinking game. Every time one of the chefs makes something european inspired, we should drink a shot of vodka. That way – we can support the vodka industry with the amount of vodka we consume.

    (Please note – my attitude against european cuisine came from hearing the utter scorn of cheftestants who couldn’t stand another cheftestant making a curry AGAIN but never noticing that they were making an italian/french/whatever dish AGAIN.)

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