The 13 Most Infamous Chef Feuds

Celebrity chefdom is rife with conflict: from the great foie debate, to vegans vs the world, to Anthony Bourdain vs everybody else, chefs aren’t known for their polite manners. Here’s our definitive roundup of the 13 biggest, baddest, craziest celebrity chef feuds.

  • pm

    Tyler Florence? lol Seriously? That’s ultimately ridiculous! Andrew Zimmern hands down.

  • icequeen09

    The meatball’s were from Rocco’s mother’s recipe.

  • EastVillageEats

    ‘Kwanzaa Cake’-gate is still the source of humor in my house! Sandra Lee bugs the heck out of me.

  • IG

    the personalities that bother to start or go bat shit crazy and get knee deep involved in these fights… ego-driven children. why dis one another when there are enough fans and money to go around many times over? clearly these people did not get the memo explaining there are different flavours (cooking ability, what one enjoys eating, what one enjoys watching on tv, business acumen, intelligence level, etc…) for different folks, right? personally, i find it a gift when people reveal themselves so quickly; these “fueds” only confirm that if you just give it a minute, people will show you their truth. seems like adam might be one of few cool in this dogpile of small.

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