WATCH: Blind MasterChef-testant Perfectly Replicates A Graham Elliot Dish

On last night’s MasterChef, after a very tricky Mystery Box Challenge, Josh got to choose which dish created by Michelin-starred judge Graham Elliot at his flagship restaurant in Chicago and served to various famous people (corn bisque for Oprah, Alaskan King Crab for Jay-Z, or white tuna sashimi for Barack Obama) the final five would cook for their elimination challenge. As winner of the Mystery Box Challenge, he chose the sashimi, which looked simple, but had lots of delicate tweezer food components on the plate.

Graham allowed the contestants to inspect and taste his version of the dish, but they had to pull their own ingredients to try and recreate it based only on their observations. Christine was allowed to touch the dish before tasting it, as well, but otherwise, she was left to blindly replicate it just like all the other contestants who could see what was on the plate.

Unbelievably, Christine got every single component on the dish correct, created a plate identical to Graham’s, and even executed the best fish cuts of anyone in the competition.

Ultimately, Monty made the worst dish (and hacked her poor tuna beyond recognition) and was sent home. Becky, Josh, Christine, and Frank are now MasterChef’s final four. Check out Christine’s impressive sashimi below.

  • Gridlockmanifesto

    Christine is brilliant; her pallet is impeccable and this challenge was tailored to her abilities, although a talent all good chefs should possess. It was a shame that Monti failed this challenge, but her lack of experience was her greatest nemesis. I’m so proud of Christine though. My Dish coworker that comes over to watch with me, thinks she has a huge chance at winning, and frankly, now I do too. Since we’re busy on Tuesdays, we watch on Wednesday evenings with my PrimeTime Anytime recording, commercial free with Auto Hop. The time we save without having to see commercials lets us watch Hotel Hell the same night. That is fantastic because he still gets home early enough and we still get more TV.

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