WATCH: Bobby Flay Torments Worst Cooks In America With Dead Chickens

We’re trying not to take too much pleasure in the pain of this season’s crop of Worst Cooks in America, but their squeamishness in handling whole raw chickens is just too good to pass up. We staunchly believe in knowing where your food comes from, and paying respect to the animal you’re roasting up for dinner, which is tricky when it comes in a sterilized plastic package at the grocery store.

So, Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay left their cooks with whole (head and feet included) raw chickens to butcher for last night’s Main Dish Challenge. Mayyybe tormenting his student by puppeting the head of her dead chicken was a bit overboard on Bobby Flay’s part.

  • JRabid

    This show is the most horribly scripted fake reality show I have ever seen. They sell it as being just run of the mill people but almost half the contestants are easily identifiable as actors. This is just using the names that they have given. Aadip Desai, Crystal Lonneberg, Carrie Lee Riggins, and Alina Bolshakova are all listed under IMDB. I’m sure some of the other contestants (actors) are also plants but use pseudonyms. My favorite is Alina Boshakova whe states she is a caretaker but is the biggest c-lister/reality show whore I have ever seen. The “accountant” Michael Haydin is so over the top he has to also be some sort of wannabe. I cant believe they couldn’t have found some normal people to stock the show with. Anne Burrell and Bobby Flay should be ashamed of what they have attached their names to. I think its time for them to start selling their products at Big Lots and let real chefs with some integrity take over.

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