Breakfast Links: Free Market Gay Wedding Cakes

Colorado baker to stop making wedding cakes after losing discrimination case (CBS)
Hey, it’s not like we can’t stop him from making money, is it?

The Worst Food Porn We Saw Last Month (HuffPost Food)
It’s your daily dose of cooking schadenfreude/mental ipecac!

Meet the EIGHT-YEAR-OLD award-winning pastry chef who already runs her own baking business (Daily Meal)
Of course, this means that kid chef Flynn McGarry is now officially an old fart.

Recalling Maya Angelou’s Love of Cooking (NYT)
On a serious note, we still miss Maya Angelou enough to keep memorializing her love of food.

  • tctw

    Your use of the term “free market” is disingenuous and misleading at best. Free market would have meant the gay/lesbian/lgbt/transgendered community would have collectively decided to not patronize the bakery. The bakery would have prospered or faltered on its own. Certainly there were other bakeries that would have accommodated the aggrieved couple, and yet they chose to take it to court. As a result, no one gets a wedding cake from Masterpiece Cakeshop which is the exact opposite of “free market.

  • tctw

    “Hey, it’s not like we can’t stop him from making money, is it?”

    But you would if you could right? Someone who doesn’t agree with your socio/economic worldview doesn’t deserve to make a living?

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