Breakfast Links: You Can Get Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning Now??

Sexually Transmitted Food Poisoning? A Fish Toxin Could Be To Blame (NPR)

One more reason to not eat fish, we guess. Or have sex, but we can only give up one of those things.

Eataly Toronto Still ‘Years’ Away from Reality (Eater)

No more rumor-mongering, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich! Ruining the dreams of Canadians everywhere — where’s the Nutella bar?

Foodbeast Discovers What the Sriracha Factory Actually Looks Like Inside, Sadly No Oompa Loompas (Foodbeast)

We were disappointed, too.

Photos: “Bedford-Stuyvesant” Cafe Opens — in Amsterdam (Gothamist)

Congratulations, Bed-Stuy, you’ve officially made it.

  • tctw

    Marcy Franklin wrote: “One more reason to not eat fish, we guess. Or have sex”

    Choose the latter(Please don’t procreate, please don’t procreate, please don’t procreate….). You know, Darwin Awards, survival of the fittest, and all that.

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