Legal Woes

Lawyer Threatens to Sue Restaurant Over $2.25 Cup of Soup

Does This Video Footage Prove Anything In The Whole Foods “Love Wins” Cake Debacle?

Jared Fogle’s New Job; Other Celebrity Food People’s Run-Ins With The Law

Michael Chiarello Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Donald Trump is Being Sued for Illegally Skimming Tips At Trump SoHo

Giada De Laurentiis Divorce Finalized

Jose Andres Cancels Restaurant Project at Donald Trump’s Washington DC Hotel

Subway Slims Down Relationship With Jared Fogle Following Kiddie Porn Probe

Diddy To Lose Booze Business If Assault Charges Stick

Weslodge Owners Acknowledge Lady Chef Abuse Incident; Kitchen Bitches adds Speakers

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