The 13 Most Infamous Chef Feuds

FEUD: NYTimes’s Pete Wells VS. Alta Marea Group

Gordon Ramsay Buys Photograph of Marco Pierre White, Maybe Not Feuding Anymore

Here’s Alton Brown Giving Excellent Shade to Food Network, Twice

Jacques Pepin: A Good Kitchen Is ‘Not Exciting or Dramatic Enough for TV

Taco Bell President Will Give Canada Waffle Tacos When They Take Back Justin Bieber

WATCH: Actors Stage A Dramatic Reading of Domino’s Facebook Complaints

Chocolate Rain: British Reviewer Writes Brutal Takedown of All-Cocoa Restaurant

New York Times Gives Terrible Defense For Putting Pizza on ‘The Meh List’

Alex Stupak Jokingly Threatens to Cannibalize Vegans, Vegans Predictably Freak Out

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