The Great Liver Debate

Mark Bittman: Foie Gras Only Matters to ‘Chefs Who Want to Impress Rich People’

Jenn Louis: Militant Foie Gras Activists Need To Take A Peek at Factory-Farmed Chickens

Court of Appeals Rules that California Can Ban Foie Gras Production

WATCH: Happy Geese Make The Happiest Foie Gras

Mugaritz Fined After Animal Rights Activists Discover Illegally-Sourced Foie Gras

Ludo LeFebvre Has Moved On From His First Love, Foie Gras

President Francois Hollande Slams California Foie Gras Ban

An Oldie But A Goodie: Anthony Bourdain Eats His Way Through Foie Gras Farm

Foie Gras Farmers And Restaurants File Lawsuit To Strike Down ‘Vague’ Ban In California

Thomas Keller Replaces Foie Gras Doggie Biscuits With Chicken Liver Mousse

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