PHOTOS: 11 Awesome Celebrity Chef Doppelgangers

At Abrams Media, we have this fun game where we look at the subjects we cover and try to find their celebrity doppelgangers. As part of The Braiser’s initiation rites, we put a slideshow together of chefs who look like other famous people. It’s like going into a parallel universe, but feel free to draw the goatees on the ones you believe are the Evil Twins.

Were these enough? No? Then click here to see part two: Electric Boogaloo!

  • pm

    Michael Symon & Michael Psilakis

  • Verena von Pfetten

    Wait, you mean they’re not the same person?!

  • george

    How could you miss Ina Garten = Dawn French?!?!?!?

  • hachachacha

    Tom Colicchio and Mike Myers as Dr. Evil

  • Chef Witch

    Not even CLOSE to resembling each other, not a one of them.

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