Charlie Trotter Freaks Out At His Shuttered Restaurant Auction

Charlie Trotter has been known to have his salty days. Maybe more than a few, since one time a US Army veteran said that working on Charlie’s line was more difficult than war. But still, Charlie is largely a respected general de cuisine, who seems to be having just a touch of difficulty giving up his seminal Chicago restaurant.

Charlie Trotter’s closed earlier this year after 25 years because he wanted to go to grad school. Of course, before Charlie goes off in pursuit of higher education, he has to get rid of all the stuff in his restaurant. On Wednesday, he held an auction in the now-empty dining room but interrupted the proceedings to storm the auctioneer’s podium when he was — ahem — displeased with a $275 bid on a framed Paul Elledge photo. The rant reportedly went something like this:

“Enough…Do you guys even know what this is? Of course you don’t…Just so you know, the frames alone are worth like $250, let alone an original image…Are you kidding me? I mean, I’ll fucking buy them myself, together.”

Let’s all just slowly back away, shall we?

[Chicago Sun-Times]

  • KWDragon

    Control freaks are unable to let go. While this makes them pretty insufferable, it can also lead to great success and a well-deserved reputation for excellence, as in Mr. Trotter’s case. Perhaps his idea to drop everything and go to grad school, however, was ill-advised.

    As a person with two graduate degrees, I can tell you from experience: you DO NOT get to control most of the situations in which you find yourself during grad school. Control freaks often have a tough time submitting to the authority and expertise of another, which is what graduate studies are about: learning. I wish Mr. Trotter the best of luck, but he will have to change his ways.

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