WATCH: Chris Cosentino Cooks Vegetarian On GMA

We know what you’re thinking: what could offal king Chris Cosentino possibly be making on Good Morning America to appeal to a wide demographic of Middle Americans? Is he really about to try and pull blood sausage over on the Midwest? No worries, friends, there’s a simple solution: he just cooked vegetarian.

Wait, what? Yes! He made a bitter green and pistachio salad!

We get that tripe isn’t for everyone, but even Daniel Humm got to do a fussy spoon pushed sauce. Really? Not so much as a crispy pig’s ear?

Check out the clip below. On the bright side, Chris does demo a really handy way to seed a pomegranate.

  • NicoleFrancisE

    This dish looks gorgeous and I’m sure will taste as good as it looks! There was a point in my life where I would have been excited to watch Cosentino make an offal dish, but after seeing Farm to Fridge (, I could no longer justify my support for the industry. This salad will be a perfect starter for my specialty – homemade Christmas field roast! It’s similar to this one: Happy holidays, all!

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