WATCH: Why Won’t David Bouley Reveal What’s In His Vegetable Garden?

What do Mitt Romney’s tax returns and David Bouley’s vegetable garden have in common? Their contents are both full of mysteries.

David Bouley appeared on CBS This Morning today to discuss how he’s taking a healthy turn with his classic French cuisine by adopting some of Kyoto’s kaiseki cooking techniques and applying its ideas of balance and seasonality to his dishes.

He enthusiastically recounted how he farmed his own vegetables all summer for his own personal use and learned a great deal about how to craft more nutrient-dense meals. But when Gayle King asked what he grew, he dodged the question by talking about soil.

She pressed for an answer about what he grew in his garden, but he squirmed out of it again (and not gracefully) by saying that he couldn’t choose just one. The woman isn’t asking you to sacrifice one of your children, dude. She’s asking what you plant in your garden. Why all the deceit?

Check out the clip below.

  • KWDragon

    Mayhaps because what he is growing in his garden is more fertilizer than plant matter? Maybe he just wants to appear more “in touch with the Earth,” like his peers?

    After repeated attempts at gardening, I gave up and buy from my local market in season, my local grocery stores other times. Not all of us have a green thumb, but I think Bouley does not want to admit that.

  • C4SEY

    Actually, he’s a great farmer. It’s where he spends most of his time (He owns an acre in Kent, CT). He’s even gone to New York’s department of agriculture petitioning to be allowed to grow Japanese vegetables here instead of having to import them. You shouldn’t make such a rash statement base on your inabilities.

  • setha

    Maybe he thought it was a stupid question. She asked him what’s his perfect meal. I dare any chef to be able to answer that. You go on TV and have questions thrown at you by 2 anchors in 4 minutes.

  • KWDragon

    It was merely a series of questions, David, with no intentions of hurting your feelings. So why be so coy about what’s in your garden?

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