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Eataly Is Bringing Carbs to Los Angeles Whether They Like It or Not

Look, Los Angeles. We know you’re feeling superior with your beautiful produce available year-round, and your juice cleanses, and your preposterous steamed doughnuts. But Eataly is coming for you. It’s coming hard, it’s coming fast, and it’s coming with the full force of gluten- and dairy-filled things. Do you even know how many carbs are coming your way?

Oh and did we mention Nutella? Yeah, a Nutella bar is likely coming for your bikini bodies, too. According to Eater LA, the new superstore is finding a home in the Westfield Century City mall:

“It’s all part of a $700M upgrade that the outdoor mall will receive that boasts 422,000 square feet of retail, including new restaurants and a swell outdoor plaza. The idea is to make the Westfield, ‘a landmark destination truly international in impact and scale.'”

Eataly LA is scheduled to open in the spring of 2017.

[Eater LA]

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