Eddie Huang Has a New Podcast and It’s Called Monosodium Glutamate with Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang quietly launched his first iTunes podcast today, entitled Monosodium Glutamate with Eddie Huang, because of course, and its first installment — “The Authenticity Episode” — is a whopping three hours long. So maybe save this for your next road trip/hellish commute.

He co-hosts with Elena Bergeron, formerly of ESPN Magazine, and together they “tackle the most important subjects in their world right now.”

For The Authenticity Episode, that means three hours devoted to Rick Ross, Vladimir Putin, and Chris Bosh. You can check out the free podcast in its entirety here.


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  • Polly_Tics

    I do not understand the food community’s obsession with this man. His experience and commentary does not seem to warrant such attention, nor does his food. Since food critiques are subjective, it might be best to discuss that which is equitable.

    Eddie has been part of the food scene for a number of years while remaining a supposed “out of the loop” chef. While it is clear that his participation is one from the outer fringes of the discussion, his commentary is usually limited and crass.

    When will the larger community actually look at what he is saying versus the supposed “coolness” of what he is discussing? Sure it’s OK to adore someone who is current and a bad boy, but when is it OK for a supposedly impartial media to embrace such a
    consumable misanthrope?

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