WATCH: And the Winner of Food Network Star Is…

It’s been a rocky season for Food Network Star, but after Alton Brown’s latest Nerdist podcast, even we softened to a couple of the Season 9 finalists. So to whom will Justin Warner be passing down the Food Network Star tiara this year, earning them their own series?

Damaris Phillips!

After a heartwarming post-season wrap-up full of Bobby Flay’s confusing appreciation for Danushka, Viet Pham’s ballsy call-out on the judges, and lots of silly montages, the network execs revealed that you voted for Damaris’ concept for a show that teaches boys how to cook modern Southern meals to impress dates. (We’re hoping that in the end it’s a bit more varied/less sexist than Boys Cooking For Girls To Get Into Their Pants.)

She was also profusely apologetic about and embarrassed by her shimmying shtick on the show all season, so, as a gift to you, Damaris, in honor of your win, we hereby retire our lovable nickname for you: Awkward Sexy.

Check out the big reveal below.

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  • KWDragon

    For what it’s worth, I liked Russell the best, but he couldn’t really get a good focus for his show. I think he should have gone “revolution” not “sin.”

    I liked Demaris, but her “Eat Date Love” show looks like a snoozer, especially if she never looks at the camera. I thought Rodney’s show would have been the one I watched. If FN is smart, they may want to try to keep Russell and Rodney around for some events and see how things develop.

    But, hey, what do I know? It ain’t my network.

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