WATCH: Food Network Star Sends Star Contestant Home For Being Too Cheffy

We give up. We don’t know what to do with Food Network anymore. Their respect as a culinary authority has all but slid down a filthy grease trap, thanks to their insistence on casting racist diabetes shills and that Donkey Sauce Guy. We thought they were heading in the right direction with this reality competition show that seeks out fresh and exciting culinary talent, and then they vote off the actual chef, essentially on the grounds that he’s too cheffy.

We understand that on-camera presence is important. But notice that the judges discuss how warm Viet Pham’s smile is and how great he looks on camera. Notice that they tout his culinary abilities before going for the “the problem we see with chefs on this show…” jugular.

So, we’re doomed to have either this awkward-sexy airhead or that fedora-sporting, wannabe Blues Brother pie guy to look forward to on Food Network’s culinary landscape instead of a talented, informative voice on Asian cuisine. Thanks, producers. Good work.

Check out the clip of Viet’s axing below.

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WATCH: This Food Network Star’s Nervous Default Is ‘Awkwardly Sexy’

  • ladiesbane

    I hear you, I do, but his camera energy turns the show into C-SPAN. When he got asked the question about his favorite dips and paused before managing to recommend getting a can of refried beans at the store…no.

    All I could think of was that episode of Ab Fab where Patsy did a makeover segment on a morning show. She froze and couldn’t answer the simplest questions. As Edina put it, “Darling, even Amanda de Cadenet would remember the word ‘accessories’.”

  • IG

    yeah, it was sad to see him go but he did seem to go blank and freeze up way too many times. isn’t dead air still a bad thing? honestly though… this article is way worse than what you think they did to viet. the chosen words in this and many an article on this site harkens back to hearing mean girls go off in high school. in-house “whitey white mcpherson” racism comments tolerated and defended, calling someone an airhead, a wannabe, etc… seriously? is the scope of language amongst the braiser’s crew really that limited? these articles are beginning to reek of poor character rather than an interesting read. i am signing out for the last time. i wish you well and thank you for giving me past reading pleasure. cheers~

  • bobbyc2

    IG: I agree with you that “The Braiser” has become a clone of Mediaite. When I first started reading “The Braiser”, it was about food celebrities and various trends in the food industry. Lately it seems the “writers” for The Braiser have taken a cue from the Mediaite writers who relish insulting anyone who does not agree with their viewpoint. I’ve been watching “Next Food Network Star”, as I have since it first started, and Viet may have won a Iron Chef competition against Bobby Flay, but he is not a good TV celebrity as he has too many “silent” moments which is not good TV. I have quit reading Mediaite and now are quiting The Braiser too because of the decidedly “far-left” leanings of Dan Abrams’s supposedly “non-political” websites.

  • Polly_Tics

    All I have to say is do any of you remember Emeril was first on the Food Network? He was so subdued and terrible (always kept his head down while talking to the camera) but with a little “schoolin'” he became a HUGE food icon.

    What the FN is doing these days with using recasts from their other shows and trying to recreate another Guy Fieri is simply nauseating and is just one more nail in their coffin for serious information and cooking.

  • ladiesbane

    Honestly, I loved Emeril before he had a studio audience because he was head-down working and bursting with enthusiasm, not running a three ring circus. Viet would have been great with a scripted, prerecorded, no-surprises show. Lots of great chefs have had them and they rocked. We do not need more overproduced, catchphrase-laden marketing vehicles.

    Guy Fieri is the JarJar Binks of TFN and they seem to want another.

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