WATCH: Eddie Huang Finds Inspiration with 19-Year-Old Muslim Activists in Dearborn, MI

Dearborn, MI might be the mellowest installment of Fresh Off the Boat: Detroit, but Eddie Huang’s quiet awe at the eloquence with which a 19-year-old “Iraqi Jedi” explains misconceptions surrounding his religion is among Season 2’s most heartening moments yet.

Before he sits down with Lebanese American Heritage Club president Suehaila Amen and a few young activists, Eddie grabs Iraqui pastries and coffee at a local cafe, and peeps “Middle-Eastern Costco” (a.k.a. “Wild Wednesdays” at a supermarket where prices get slashed and families swarm to feed their communities in bulk).

Skip to 6:33 for Eddie’s conversation with one wise teenage boy, dubbed “the Sabermetrics of the Quran.”

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WATCH: Eddie Huang Goes To Detroit, Gets Yelled at for Pissing on Local Businesses
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  • tctw

    1. What happened to Eddie Huang’s Ebonics accent and affect that he had in FOB Detroit part 1?

    2. Why didn’t Eddie Huang take a leak in front of the grocery store or the restaurant he visited in this episode?

    3. The young man says Muslims are not biased and Islam does not believe that Muhammad is the best of prophets, then why is it that every time he says the name Muhammad the addendum “praise be upon him” is added to the subtitles, but not added to the names of Jesus, Moses, and Abraham?

    4. What is up with The Braiser’s continued love affair with the fake FOB, fake urban hip hop Eddie Huang? Are you all getting paid to write about him in the blog?

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