Fresh Off the Boat Shanghai Part 3: Breakfast Dumplings, Bootleg Malls, and Poop Weed

On the Fresh Off the Boat: Shanghai finale, Eddie Huang takes the show back to its roots and revisits the authenticity/mutability of a region’s cuisine, examining its interpretation by Western cultures. So basically, he eats a bunch of different breakfast dumplings and then incepts himself by visiting an American Chinese food joint in Shanghai.

Remember, kids: “Before you have Chinese-American food, you actually need good weed. And this city got the ugliest, ugliest doo-doo bombs fuckin’ poop weed I’ve ever smoked in my life.” So there are challenges there.

Also, he visits a bootleg mall and totally spoils Wifey 2014’s Valentine’s Day gift, which, bummer.

Check out Part 3 below.

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  • tctw

    Before you go off on another rant about some perceived offense by Josh Ozersky that knocks the third wave feminist chip off of your shoulder, just remember that Mr. Ozersky hasn’t called any woman a bitch.

    That would be ABC Eddie Huang who directed the misogynist epithet towards the women making xiao long bao.

    Even more ridiculous is he calls them “shorties” as well. Does middle class Orlando Floridian ABC Eddie think he is from west Baltimore and his name is Avon or Stringer?

    Josh Ozersky raises your feminist ire, but ABC Eddie Huang gets a pass?

    Why is that?

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