WATCH: Carla Hall Performs Gymnastics Stunt (With Olympian Gabby Douglas’ Help)

Carla Hall is a woman of many talents. Starting as a lowly caterer, she worked her way onto not one, but two seasons of Top Chef, she’s a former model, an effervescent host of The Chew, and, as it turns out, a moderately talented tumbler for a lady of Amazonian proportions.

The hosts of The Chew welcomed US Olympian and first African-American individual all-around gold medalist Gabby Douglas on today’s show. Along with plugging her probably ghost-written new book (she is 16, after all), a tarted up Gabby supervised as Carla popped out a quick round-off to demonstrate her commendable novice gymnastic skills.

Check out Carla’s tumble below. She really isn’t bad!

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