FOOD FEUD: Cheating Next Great Baker Contestant Says TLC Put Her Out Of Business

Much like Lucifer waged war against his Creator (happy Good Friday), Gretel-Ann Fisher, the runner-up of The Next Great Baker, is mad at her own creator, TLC, for causing her Winooski, VT bakery to shut down last Saturday.

And also like Lucifer, Gretel was sort of to blame for the entire sorry mess. As The Huffington Post recapped, during the third season of Buddy Valastro’s reality show, she became widely hated on the internet, even receiving death threats for sabotaging her fellow bakers:

[She turned up the heat on] her rivals’ ovens by 50 degrees. In order to win, each contestant had to bake and sell 400 cookies, 100 pastries, 10 cakes and 10 pies under a tight deadline.

“I just knocked out a good percentage of her profits right there,” said a smiling Fischer when a rival baker discovered the plot. “Apparently everyone else doesn’t realize this is a competition.”

Fischer’s cake finished in second place.

The negative attention, fueled by her giving a middle finger to her haters via TwitPic (“It’s not cheating…it’s culinary 101″), led to people boycotting Cupp’s Cafe & Bakery, and she was forced to close. While she also blamed factors like The Economy, Her Enemies, and The Arrogance Of God Himself (or was that just Lucifer?), she is still furious at TLC for broadcasting what she actually did on the show. “I can never repair what [TLC] did to my reputation,” she told local station WCAX.

Apparently she will continue working in the food industry, but will not open her own bakery again; for ’tis better to reign in Hell than to serve TLC.

  • KWDragon

    I don’t watch this show, and I can’t really stand Valero (tried some cupcakes from his place once – bleh). However, I do think that playing dirty (even if you don’t consider it “cheating”) is guaranteed to earn you detractors.

    I also frequently recommend that if people don’t like something, they should vote with their wallets. It appears that is what the people of her town did.

    Sounds like Ms. Fisher just received a tough lesson in personal responsibility. I would guess this public outcry of hers is a prequel to the defamation lawsuit she will soon be filing.

    Grow up, Ms. Fisher. You behaved badly, and there were consequences. Move on.

  • sawslow

    I don’t understand her Culinary 101… at culinary school they teach you to sabotage your fellow chefs?
    But it goes to show, be good, and good things happen, be evil, conniving and cruel, you get what you give! She can’t blame TLC, she did all those things, they didn’t invent the, she needs anger management.

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