WATCH: Guy Fieri Teaches Johnny Weir To Speak Bro, He Goes Home Anyway

On this week’s Rachael Vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, the celeb-testants were stuck cooking for twin birthday parties (boys vs. girls-and-Hines Ward, natch). Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir immediately bristled at the idea of playing with kids, and it was pretty clear things weren’t going to go well after his Barbara Walters-esque interview with his pint-sized client to discern his favorite foods.

Luckily, he’s on Team Tori Spelling’s Husband, who reminds us how dramatic and important winning this competition is, because he’s “The Gourmet Dad” playing for “a culinary career.”

Guy and Mr. Spelling put their heads together to try and pull Johnny out of the weeds — see the How To Be A Bro lesson below — but, sadly, Johnny bit the dust, leaving Dean McDermott as the only surviving member of Team Fieri.

  • KWDragon

    Wouldn’t it be obvious that Dean McDermott is safe for now, as he is the only member of Team Fieri? Otherwise, they would have to change the name of the show, right? How would only having Rachel’s team in competition mess with the show?


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