WATCH: Hannibal Serves Up Tête De Veau For His Grand Finale

Last night’s Hannibal finale ended with a bang, but we’ll let you sort out Will Graham conspiracy theories elsewhere. We’re here to talk about Hannibal’s elaborate final meal of Season 1, which he served up to his psychiatrist Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier AKA Gillian Anderson. So what’s the lovely lady eating for dinner over a light therapy sesh? Tête de veau en sauce verte, natch.

“Those who denounce veal often cite the young age at which the animals are killed, when they are, in fact, older than many pigs going to slaughter,” Hannibal creepily yet sagely informs us, in response to Dr. Du Maurier’s observation of the dish as “controversial.”

Check out the clip below, and then take deep breaths. You won’t have to see Dr. Lecter again for a whole year. If you’re not ready to let go, feel free to nerd out in the comments.

  • Polly_Tics

    This couple is simply wacko crazy, who uses violent threats for nonexistent misbehavior.

    The funny thing in all of this is that Amy has gone to prison for passing bad checks and her husband has been connected with drug dealing allegations. Both France and Germany kicked him out of the country and will not allow his return.

    So the fact that this obviously criminally influenced couple would threaten police action against others (who remain innocent) is pretty ironic.

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