Tonight In Food TV: Hell’s Kitchen Chef-testant Feeds Raw Chicken To Pregnant Woman

And not just any pregnant lady; Sous Chef slash Boys Team Prefect Chef James’ wife. Uh, probably not the best idea to poison your superior’s baby mama while Bossman Gordon Ramsay is watching. We’re going to go out on a limb and say whomever served up that disaster is probably going home tonight.

Alternatively, if the Girls Team winds up on the bottom, they seem poised to send home Nedra, and who could blame them, considering her irrational fear of…barnyard animals? How can you be a chef if you can’t handle some cuddlies at your local purveyors’ farm?

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below and stay tuned to Fox tonight at 8pm to catch an all-new Hell’s Kitchen.

  • KingPsyz

    How does FOX find “chefs” (AKA Cooks, dishwashers who helped the line that one time everyone got e coli, people who watch Food Network, etc.) that can’t cook a friggin chicken?

    I mean I get it, sometimes a Lamb or Wellington can be a trick to pull off since the outside can look fantastic while the inside is too rare. But chicken? It changes color and firmness, fast food employees would be better suited for this job oppertunity

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