10 Foolproof Grill Tips From Our Favorite Chefs

It’s summer, it’s a holiday, and everyone always loves an excuse to eat. It makes sense, then, that one of the most popular ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend is by having a backyard cookout. But grilling can be tricky, if not totally intimidating — what will your mother-in-law think of your fish marinade? What if you overcook your uncle’s burger? — so why not turn to the experts. Operating under the notion that if one is good, ten is better, we put together come of the best grilling tips from ten of our favorite chefs.

[Feature image via Langleyo.]

This story was originally published July 3, 2012.

  • KingPsyz

    LOL WUT? You do not need to let meat hit room temp before cooking and honestly, telling that to amature chefs is a great way to cause a full blown foodborne illness epidemic…

    The best bit of advice for grilling, patience… Don’t rush to put your meat on the grill as soon as the coals are hot.

    Put things like potatos or corn on the grill when the coals are all lit and cover it with the vents wide. When the coals are white, then add meat, when you see some of the liquid come to the surface, turn, I always turn 2-3 times depending on the meat and desired tempature. Saves sauces for last turn to avoid burning.

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