High-Pressure Job Likely Cause Of Canadian Chef’s Disappearance

It’s been a week since Jonathan Gushue, the executive chef at the award-winning Langdon Hall in Ontario, Canada was reported missing.  So far, investigators still have no leads as to his location, but details from his friends indicate that Gushue might not be in danger — in fact, there was a similar incident a few years back — but that the pressures of his job affected him.

The Huffington Post Canada found that Gushue’s colleagues never thought of him as someone prone to anger, flightiness, or even apathy: “Usually the word is out on the street that [a chef is] a screamer or whatever, but I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that about Jonathan,” the James Beard Foundation’s Mitchell Davis said to the National Post

Shane Harper, the executive pastry chef at the McEwan Group and a coworker, speculated that his disappearance may be tied to the pressures of being a chef: “It’s the stress of the job. I’m surprised he’s gone. We didn’t expect this. But sometimes everyone succumbs, everyone needs a break,” he told the Toronto Star.

This would not be a surprise, given his history: Gushue had disappeared for nearly four days a few years ago, only to turn up unharmed. Police don’t suspect any foul play in this case, nor do they believe he is in any immediate danger.

Nevertheless, the 41-year-old Gushue — who may also be using the name Jonathan Herder — is still missing, leaving a family of four. Details of the case can be found here, and anyone with news about his whereabouts should contact Waterloo Regional Police at 519-650-8500 ext. 2299.

[The Huffington Post Canada]

  • KWDragon

    While I understand, and am saddened, that he may have succumbed to the pressures of his job, he has more on the line than his own well-being. Leaving his wife, children and people in the restaurant that depend on him all in a lurch is a very selfish thing to do. At least if he said, “I need a break,” and walked away announced, people would not worry so about his absence.

    I hope he comes home safe and sound.

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