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Last Call: Bradley Cooper To Star As Yet Another Drug-Addled Chef

Deadline: But this time, things are different. Sure, Bradley Cooper’s playing a chef whose life blows up because of his addiction to drugs and has to claw his way back to the top. Sure, Bradley Cooper has already played a chef whose life blows up because of his addiction to drugs and has to claw his way back to the top. But this time, Bradley Cooper is a movie staaaaaah.

The Huffington Post: Do you think you know apples? Do you believe that you understand their mechanisms and their secrets? You were wrong, friend. You can actually eat apples without wasting the core. Go, correct your ignorance.

Gawker: Although Chinese cuisine has been historically brilliant and multi-layered, we’re a bit worried about all these food scandals erupting throughout China. See: the over 900 people recently arrested for trying to pass off rat and fox meat as lamb. That’s uh, a bit too multi-layered for us.

Mugaritz: When you’re a world-class restaurant renowned for working strange flowers and plants into your dishes, random farmers inevitably give you strange flowers and plants of their own.

Grub Street: Kitchens need more technology, and ChefSleeve is there to put more apps in the hands of chefs. Specifically, they’re raising $30,000 for a digital scale that’s connected to your iPad via Bluetooth, so that you can synergize your recipes to your Cloud and share your mouth with your Ethernet. The future is now, friends.

The Seattle Times: Popular Taiwanese soup dumpling house Din Tai Fung is opening a restaurant in Seattle, meaning that this author really hates, hates, hates Seattle now. Sometimes a girl’s gotta have xiaolongbao on a regular basis, preferably after a hangover, and especially from Din Tai Fung. Why can’t you come east?

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