Last Call: Katz’s Deli Has a Dining Room Full of Women Pie-Gasming

Huffington Post: Here’s an entire Katz’s Delicatessen dining room full of women faking orgasms à la When Harry Met Sally, because the universe isn’t always as cruel and humorless as we make it out to be.

Barnes and Noble: Were you too poor to buy a copy of Fresh Off the Boat when it first came out and are you currently too young to remember what a library is about? Good news! It’s now available in paperback for like, $9. Go. Purchase. Welcome to the club.

Buzzfeed: Insufferable vegan/soy-allergic Zooey Deschanel has finally confirmed an opinion which effectively justifies our irrational, Anne Hathaway-esque distaste for her: she hates Thanksgiving. SHUN THE NONBELIEVER.

Gothamist: Have you not yet observed what a McRib looks like before it’s been cooked? Because prepare to break up with McRibs.

Eater DC: Somebody stole Spike Mendelsohn’s French Bulldog. No, not a real one, silly. The statue of one named Charlotte, which acts as the unofficial mascot of Bearnaise. On a related note: quit stealing stuff from restaurants, jerks.

  • KWDragon

    It’s shameful, but I’ll admit it: I love the McRib. I know it is not actually food, and eating it is the equivalent of eating smoked cardboard slathered in sodium-sucrose, but I can’t help it.

    In my shame, I limit myself to two sandwiches each McRib season. I’ve tried to stop, gods know I’ve tried, but I just…I just can’t…

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