Lucky Peach Gives Us … This Thing: Let’s Name It à la the Cronut

When you are Lucky Peach, you can do delightfully weird things on your Tumblr with zip explanation. You know, like a gif of a Lucky Peach-head riding a running hot dog … Or this “toned pig” … or a teaser to Friskies “limited edition 2014 flavors.” (That one’s kind of our favorite.) So then Lucky Peach gifts us this INSANE IMAGE of a pizza-hamburger hybrid and now of course we feel like we have to go Cronut on his ass and name him.

Our nominations, Lucky Peach:

1. Hamza
2. Pizurger
3. Burgza
4. Burza (We’re not getting creative enough here)
5. Zurger
6. Hampizza (That sounds like a ham pizza, huh?)
7. Burgerza

Burgerza wins. Also, whoever makes this into an actually delicious hybrid wins. It’s our hangover talking, but that sounds delicious right now.

[Lucky Peach] [Alan Shepherd Tumblr]

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  • Polly_Tics

    I don’t know…but is this not NOT NEWS? The idea that this is what food blogging has become is most disturbing. Perhaps it’s time to go back to reading our paper newspapers and eating what our mothers told us to…

  • marmar

    It should be called the Polan Burger… named after the genius who made this amazing piece of food art, Jason Polan.

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