Ludo Lefebvre: The Taste UK Has Better Cooks, USA Has Better Drama

Uhhh, consider yourselves burned, citizens of the United States? In a Daily Mail interview promoting the inaugural season of The Taste UK, Ludo Lefebvre commented on the culinary acumen across the pond versus ours here at home.

When asked what some of the notable differences are between the competition’s US and UK iterations, Ludo replied:

“The cooking skills of the UK contestants are probably better, and they are amazing bakers. I was really impressed. In the UK, the show is more about cooking, whereas in the States it’s more about the drama. The best thing I’ve tasted so far was an amazing lemon pudding. I asked for the recipe and will use it in my restaurant back in California [where Ludo lives].”

Hey! But– That’s not– What about…? Okay, yeah. Fair point. How does this translate to the Olympics, though?

You can read Ludo’s Q&A in its entirety here, or you can come over and sulk with us.

[Daily Mail]

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  • tctw

    The same is true with Masterchef Australia vs. Masterchef U.S..

    Masterchef Australia is the superior show.
    There is respect given from the judges to the contestants, no spitting of food into garbage cans, condescending remarks, or demeaning attitudes, just support and encouragement.

    The relationship between contestants is one of mutual support and encouragement as well. No jealousy, fighting, or drama. The contestants are more knowledgeable and are better cooks.

    But hey, Americans get what Americans want, contestants like racist foul mouthed Krissi.

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