WATCH: Macy’s Taps Martha Stewart And Marcus Samuelsson For A Friendly Promotional Brawl

Macy’s knows how to market celebrity chef-branded kitchen gear: stage a feud and film it for a commercial! For its latest “What’s In Store” promo, a store manager and visual merchandiser are contemplating how to best set up a display in the housewares department.

“Let’s put Marcus Samuelsson next to Martha Stewart!” the manager suggests.

Cue a pissing contest of culinary proportions. Martha, oh-so-subtle in her condescension, questions Marcus’s addition of coriander to his meatballs, but the three-time James Beard Award-winning chef assures her that he’s got this.

Check out the promo below to see how the pair stack up.

[h/t Eater]

  • icequeen09

    Martha is not a chef, she’s a cook.

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