Male Vegetarians Live Longer Than Their Meat-Eating Counterparts; Women Are Totally Fine

Meat-eaters might suddenly stare into the face of death a bit sooner, according to a recent study published by scientists at the Loma Linda University: a six-year study of over 70,000 members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, famous for its promotion of plant-eating, found that vegetarians experienced 12% fewer deaths than their meat-eating counterparts. And here’s another finding to pile onto your carnivorous existential dread: meat-eaters were 19% more likely to die of heart disease.

And we’re really, really sorry to have to point this out to our lovable James Beard award-winning manbearpig friend Josh Ozersky, but Bloomberg News reports that the study found that vegetarian men had a greater longevity than their meat-eating counterparts and were less likely to die of heart disease. Weirdly enough, though, that same vegetarian advantage didn’t appear among women.

So meat-eating men are at a biological disadvantage when they eat meat? And all y’all single ladies can eat a giant roasted pig without worrying too much about an untimely heart attack forty years from now (because your vegetarian friends will also be dead from all that Women Pressure/osteoporosis)? What a tremendous irony! Also, please take care of yourself and don’t die on us too soon, Josh Ozersky. Also also, please don’t turn Meatopia into a sad rumination on our inevitable march towards death; we enjoyed it as it was.

[Bloomberg News]

  • Tincan

    Correlation is not causation. I don’t have access to the actual study, but there are some issues to consider. One possible explanation is that many vegetarians follow that lifestyle precisely because they think it’s more healthy, and may be more likely to exercise and otherwise take care of themselves than non-vegetarians. Did the study control for exercise level and similar factors, or just look at diet?

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