Tonight in Food TV: Marcel Vigneron Cooks Soup in a Braiser on Eat, Drink, Love

Okay, we have to admit that we’re already planning to GIF Nina Clemente screaming “THE BRAISER? REALLY?” at Marcel “Foamy Wolverine” Vigneron’s doofy-looking face, because we feel as though TV gods have reached out to us specifically and handed us a gift. But also, we’re pretty stoked to see Marcel helping out with Nina’s pop-up on tonight’s Eat, Drink, Love. Sidebar: Never has a show more enjoyed employing Top Chef alums. Well, not since Life After Top Chef.

Check out a sneak peek of Vigneron getting his ass handed to him by a ladychef with infinitely more rad hair below, and tune into tonight’s Eat, Drink, Love tonight at 7pm on Bravo.

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  • travelgurl

    Dear Hater Mariella Mosthof –
    I had to LAUGH at your assessment of this scene! You do know that this chick has no culinary training, right? And the braiser she’s getting all rattled about? Anyone in a professional kitchen knows the braiser tilts. Learn about that which you write about. Marcel didn’t get his ASS handed to him – I think he was a little underwhelmed by her lack of kitchen knowledge and barking out orders that were ridiculous. Study Marcel’s background and his insane accomplishments before you make a fool of yourself by evaluating things based on a clique-ey girly reality show about wanna-be foodies. There is talent among the group – but you base your hate on a hairdo and the idea of foam. You have no CULINARY CLUE.

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