WATCH: Fox News Slams Mario Batali’s Food Stamp Challenge

Fox News bashing Mario Batali: good morning, and you’re welcome. The folks at Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld addressed Mario’s recent week-long foray into food stamp living, more specifically, his blurb about how he hopes he’s not coming off like a yuppie. Greg and Co. argue that’s exactly it looks like.

Some suggestions from the Red Eye crew about how Mario can actually raise awareness about the impending food stamp cuts? Open a successful restaurant that employs all the people on food stamps. Donate some food from one of his posh restaurants. Accept food stamps at one of his posh restaurants. Hmmm, seems like they’re missing the point here about raising awareness. People on food stamps know how much being on food stamps sucks. The point is for everyone else to know how much it sucks.

Although, we do kind of agree with their assessments that Mario Batali uncannily resembles Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

Check out the clip below!

  • soozer

    Not sure why Mario is being slammed for this. He is actively engaging his children and helping them learn about hunger in the US. How do we know Mario hasn’t done this in the past but did not publicize it? My husband I generally do this during the Lenten season *6 weeks* and at least another time or two during the year. Mario said he was doing it also to make people aware of the farm bill. I say-Hey! Good on ya Mario.

  • Stuart Reb Donald

    Red Eye is a comedy show not a news show. They poke fun at stories in the national spot light and pop culture. Living in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country I know literally hundreds of people who receive food stamps. They are all very thankful and proud to receive them because without them they would have to start working again. Their words, not mine.

  • fakenewsfan

    Brown eye w/ Greg Gutless and 4 other losers. A real algonquin round table.

  • politicaldookie

    I wonder if Mario taught his kids how to screw the staff out of their tips as well.

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