WATCH: Mario Batali’s First Hulu Show Episode Takes George Stephanopoulos To Gowanus

It shoots in New York and it’s called The High Road, but the first episode contains nary a pot reference. We call shenanigans. The upshot is that Mario Batali’s first attempt at a chat-and-eat web series is actually really good! Like a Beyonce self-titled album, it dropped in the night this afternoon with no warning. The title refers to the double-decker tour bus on which Mario drives his guests around New York City, and the 11-minute pilot stars George Stephanopoulos. Together, George and Mario go shuffleboarding in Gowanus, making middle-aged hipsterdom look totally enviable. You can check out the first episode below.

  • nansaki

    NO WAY i’m disenabling my beloved adBloc. I heard this was coming but i ain’t buying. just checked and it blocked 5 ads on this page and 2\40,883 in one week. UH UH Mario and George ain’t worth it!

  • Polly_Tics

    I’m sorry…but ever since I learned that both Mario and his partner, the ever petulant Joe Bastianich,steal tips from their wait staff, I simply can’t stand this man. Right, the big man who steals from those making an hourly pittance…simply shameful.

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