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WATCH: Martha Stewart Puts Her Steel-Trading Match.com Date In The Business Partner Zone

Poor Larry never saw Martha Stewart’s inner pitbull coming for him. Did he conveniently forget she was convicted of felony insider trading? As you may or may not recall, Martha was set up on two Match.com dates: one with a filmmaker, whom she had actually worked with before on a commercial, and one with a (significantly less sexy) international steel trader.

We placed all our bets on a love connection with the filmmaker, but Martha stopped by The Today Show this morning to give a romantic update, and she confessed that she had remained in touch with Larry the Steel Trader to “talk business.” Rough. We guess this is among the problems inherent with mogul seduction.*

*We have $20 on Martha’s next book being an erotic semi-autobiographical novel entitled Mogul Seduction.

Check out the rest of her romantic life updates below.

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