WATCH: Television’s First Blind Chef Competes On MasterChef

Another season of MasterChef kicked off last night, and among the bumbling home cooks auditioning for notorious hardasses Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot, was one particularly shiny star named Christine Ha. The grad student from Texas was ushered into her audition by her husband while the judges balked at the series’ first blind competitor. Everyone was visibly nervous, but she whipped up a classic Vietnamese catfish dish with little struggle — besides the fact that her rice didn’t turn out, but, really, whose ever does? Once judges tasted her dish, she was a shoo-in.

Watch the softer side of Joe Bastianich as he commends Christine on making it into the competition. (Maybe have some tissues on hand. Joe could have used them, although he man-cries quite gracefully.)

  • Anna

    Shoo-in not shoe-in

  • Chef Chris

    i cried like a twelve year old girl that just broke up with justin bieber thats awesome she shows that we can and do overcome major obstacles if were motivated and passionate

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