Tonight in Food TV: MasterChef Juniors Take Over LA’s Drago Centro for Lunch Service

MasterChef Junior challenge or plot of a Disney Channel Original Movie? It’s a new drinking game we just made up. And everybody has to take a shot (good morning!) because tonight’s episode could most definitely qualify as the plot of a Pixar animation starring talking rats.

The MasterChef Juniors will participate in the classic MasterChef challenge Restaurant Wars Restaurant Takeover. The lucky spot who shut down its lunch service to host a closed set of producer plants let a bunch of tweens run its lunch service for a day? Downtown LA’s Drago Centro.

In fairness, even Alexander thinks this is a terrible idea. Check out a sneak peek below and tune into tonight’s MasterChef Junior at 8pm on Fox.

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  • mhaugan65

    The end result tonight was terribly unfair. I agree that the red team should be the winner. However I completely disagree with the decision to send Troy forward. He absolutely is NOT a team player at this stage in his life. Gavin did not do his job as a team leader, which caused the problem. Troy totally took over which was not his job and he beat up on Sarah unmercifully! So very unfair, because as a young girl she just could not hold her own with his constant criticism. Giving him the go through simply affirmed his not working as a team member. I would not want him on my team. That is not to say that he will not learn as he matures, but in this case he was clearly out of line. Sarah had won one of the challenges and therefore had proved herself as a valid challenger. She was trying to tell Troy to let her do her own thing, but he never listened, just rolled on over her. Gavin never stopped that from happening. In my opinion Sarah should have gone through and the other two should have gone home. Yes Sarah is very young, but if you are going to allow kids that young in the program you should protect them in this kind of situation by stepping in much sooner to stop what I would call abuse.

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