MasterChef Meltdown: ‘I Am Seriously Going To Go To Jail Today’ (VIDEO)

Last night’s MasterChef saw both Krissi and Jessie’s elimination in a two-hour episode, but Krissi was the first to go in the first ever team Mystery Box Challenge, where she was paired with — of course — Jessie. After failing to agree on any component of the three-course restaurant-quality meal they had to come up with, Krissi faltered on the first course, leaving Jessie to finish it. Krissi switched to dessert instead, which Jessie had already started, and badly, followed by the suggestion that Krissi make a crepe instead of working with Jessie’s poorly made pie crust.

Does Krissi have any idea how to make a crepe? Nope. She wants to bail on that idea, too. Jessie snaps, “Babe, you abandoned me on the lobster, so you gotta pick something you can cook.”

Cue a walkout. (And a borderline assault charge in the making.) Check out Krissi’s full-on meltdown below.

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  • sawslow

    Krissy was the underdog from the very first show, I always root for the underdog. Jessie should have dropped her issues w/Krissy and worked like a team, she didn’t like anything that Krissy wanted to make, so Jessie was a one person team w/Krissy as her sous chef to order around
    Luca for the win!!!

  • qiguairen

    I never saw Krissi as an underdog. Most underdogs don’t have an inflated ego and a tendency to bully others.

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