WATCH: Joe Bastianich Made An Army Veteran Cry, With Langoustines

You know what’s great about terrible food reality shows? How often do Top Chef dishes get spit out? (Answer: twice.) On MasterChef it happens all the time! Foods get spit out, thrust into the trash, sometimes even flung back in a contestant’s general direction!

On last night’s MasterChef, the aspiring home cooks had to make dishes using langoustines, which most of them could barely pronounce. Here’s the thing, though: if Joe Bastianich puts $50 worth of langoustines in front of you and you disrespect them, he will disrespect you. (In this case, “disrespect,” means “make you cry even if you’re a manly army veteran deserving of respect.”) Because you’re a disgrace to shellfish.

Check out the clip below.

  • nansaki

    Joe Bastianich is a prick whenever he appears in public which is way too often. He is also obnoxious to his wonderful mothe Lidia whenever he appears on her show.

  • Jonathan Reiter

    So is Gordon Ramsay… Sometimes, I wish the Irish and the REAL Irish Republican Army would have kept on going…

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