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Tonight In Food TV: Eva Longoria Guest Judges MasterChef

What makes Eva Longoria a food authority worthy of guest-judging MasterChef, you ask? Remember her failed Steakhouse For Ladies with the catwalk and the rain curtains and the “lady-friendly small plates”? She’s a restaurateur, you guys. Also, remember the Lay’s Show Us Your Flavor competition? She co-hosted that with Michael Symon. She’s a flavor connoisseur, you guys. Her palate is probably incredible. I mean, cheesy garlic bread potato chips? Hello.

Alright, all that, and she looks great in a studio with a pair of heels on. Fine.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s MasterChef with Eva below.

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2 thoughts on “Tonight In Food TV: Eva Longoria Guest Judges MasterChef

  1. Actually, the recipes in her cookbook are very good. They are pretty basic, but great tasting and easy to follow. Of course, I recognize that maybe she didn’t write all (or any) of the recipes, but it seems like she does have a handle on the food world, much more so than some celeb judges.

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