Who Are the Most Underrated And Overrated Chefs In New York City?

Standing in Midtown as a shining beacon of culinary perfection, at least in the eyes of the New York Times, is Eric Ripert‘s piscinery Le Bernardin. Four NYT reviews, each with a perfect four star rating, over the course of twenty-some-odd years crowns this restaurant the longest running holder of the Times‘ highest dining accolade in history. A close second is Daniel Boulud‘s Daniel, which has gathered itself fifteen stars over four reviews. But beyond these record holders lie a slew of chefs with some pretty deceptive ratings. Which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to tally up the Times star counts of this city’s most reviewed chefs to find out who should be crowned the most overrated and underrated culinary talents working today.

  • ChowMom

    Totally disagree about Colicchio!! But Agree wholehaeartly about Batali.

    I would add Conant to that list of overrated.

  • Deliciously Meta

    I want to like this article, but i’m terribly confused by the methdology. A more full account here , but in brief…1. why limit what constitutes underrated/overrated to NYT averages? 2. The actual differences in averages you report are about .3 stars max as best i can tell. 3. what is your difference between underrated and accurately rated? The latter actually have a higher star average. 4. If a chef has a high average, how can that somehow equate to them being underrated? Doesn’t that precisely show they’re well rated? 5. Isn’t this based on the faulty premise that all low-star restaurants are bad for a chef? 6. Is this supposed to relate to the actual press the NYT gives these chefs? Or some other notion that the NYT rates chefs not restaurants?

  • NYCFoodie712

    I agree with Deliciously Meta on this on the statement above. This seems to be more conjecture and opinion than analysis.

    For starters, I have dined at many of Jean-George’s restaurants and so far it has kept me wanting to try out the others each one with their fresh and different approaches. Batali is a bit different, but I still enjoy going into Otto for a casual glass of wine and some cheese and salumi.

    I have dined at many of the restaurants from the lineup of mugshots provided. I have to say some experiences were great, others mediocre, bland, or maybe even downright bad. Perhaps, I have stated in open conversation whether they were overrated or underrated, but it was always on a specific basis and/or context. This seems directed at them as professionals which I find generalized where the review can be spinned the other direction.

    What’s next However, this article, in my humblest opinion, overrated.

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