WATCH: Nate Appleman Films Cryptic Puzzle Video For Chipotle; We Just Want Burritos

While their Twitter hack might have been a prank, the Chipotle promotion known as Adventurrito is apparently real — as is a chance to win twenty years’ worth of free burritos. But ugh, the puzzles one has to solve to win these free burritos are so weirdly cryptic and bizarre that we’re kind of wishing that Gollum would help us out with them.

For instance, what’s the deal with this video with Nate Appleman? Is he secretly blinking a message in Morse code? We tried translating it and got “Myxylplyx,” which is probably another code we need to crack.

Those who answer all 19 puzzles correctly will be eligible to compete for the grand prize on the 20th day of the contest (August 2). Meanwhile, we’ll just be pissed that free burritos continue to elude us.

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  • KWDragon

    This Adventurrito has been a lot of fun. I’ve actually learned a lot about the company that I already like, but I want a ShopHouse in my zip code, like NOW.

    And Appleman’s message was to check out the ShopHouse website. The rest of the clue was in the puzzle itself. The folks at Chipotle have been pretty clever.

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